AACC’s Challenging Cancer Series

Gayle Zinda offers the AACC Challenging Cancer Series!

This class series is for anyone touched by cancer:  Patient, Family, Care-givers, Co-workers, anyone! The classes will address physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects for those beginning or in the midst of dealing with cancer.  They will equip people with hope and encouragement through God’s Word. Gayle’s experiences as a medical professional and cancer survivor offers a unique look at cancer with compassion, wit, and wisdom.


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“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.”  – Unknown

 Featuring: Gayle Zinda  (Former Nurse, Lung and Breast Cancer Survivor) and other medical professionals

Session 1

  • “When the Doctor Says it’s Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment”

This session covers the initial thoughts and reactions from patient or family as well as challenges of the final stages of treatment.

  • “Both Sides of Hope”

The importance of hope and faith in the healing process.

  • “Strength for the Journey” 

Facing the challenges of the treatment of cancer and finding physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to face those challenges.

Session 2

  • “What in the World can I do for my Loved One?”

In the face of a loved one’s battle with cancer, many people want to help but feel powerless to know how to reach out effectively. In this session we will explore practical ways to help those in need.

  • “Caregivers Caring for Themselves: Preventing Compassion Fatigue”

The importance of cultivating caring relationships, preventing burnout, maintaining realistic expectations, and taking time to renew yourself.

  • “The Heart, Mind, and Soul of the Cancer Survivor”

It’s not just about making the necessary changes to care for our physical body, but also about taking the risks to grow emotionally and spiritually. We will cover important information about maintaining the health of the patient and the caregivers.

Session 3

  •  “The Physical Realities of Cancer: Creating a New Look and Outlook”

From losing hair to other physical challenges, cancer can be grueling. Even when you’re winning the battle against cancer, there are still physical needs to be met. In this session, we will explore using wigs, makeup, and prosthetic products. Door prizes will be given!

Session 4

  • “When the Doctor Says it’s Cancer and You’re a Professional: What do I do?”

We will address the initial emotions of sharing the news with other professionals, co-workers and staff.

  •  “Taking Care of Business”

How do you make all the decisions about your healthcare when your head is still spinning? In this session we will discuss choosing your team (medical and other), treatments, legal issues, durable power of attorney, wills, living wills, and keeping all of this information organized.

Session 5

  • “Understanding our Differences: Personalities and Coping”

Understanding how different personalities confront and cope with cancer is extremely helpful when communication can be strained by the overwhelming weight of cancer and all it brings. Issues such as helping our children and forgiveness will be addressed.

  • “Tough Questions Cancer Survivors Ask”

Issues and concerns such as paranoia about every lump and freckle will be addressed.

  • “Living With Uncertainty”

What if the cancer comes back? What if you need a miracle and the doctor tells you there’s no cure? How can you face your mortality?

Session 6

  • “Grieving the Loss of the Way Things Were”

This session is designed to assist people to become aware and identify the losses which accompany cancer. Becoming aware of these and the grieving process will help the individual as well as the caregiver cope with adjusting to changes that can quickly overwhelm all involved.

Session 7

  • “The Grieving Process” 

Session 8

  • “Who is in your Life and What are you Doing with the Gifts you’ve been Given?”

 Let me know you love me while I’m living! It’s not how long we live, but who is in our lives (Christ) and what we are doing with the time, energy, and gifts that we do have. Life should be filled with passion and purpose that gives us our flowers while we are living!