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Pink Lemonade Kit

eLemonate life’s lemons and refresh yourself or someone else with our new Pink Lemonade Kit. The kit comes in our bright pink box and is filled with a copy of “Pink Lemonade”, one each of the Boy and Girl Lemons and a customized card to raise anyone’s spirits. Perfect for any gift giving occasion or when someone just needs a lift.

The Pink Lemonade Kit sells for $34 and includes Free Shipping.

Plush Lemons

Boy Lemon™ and Girl Lemon™Plush Figures

(Made exclusively for Pink Lemonade Presentations, LLC)

Do you know someone who has been given a lemon in their life such as illness, financial stress, depression, divorce, or just a bad day? We have the perfect gift to help them make lemonade. These soft plush 7 ½ inch tall Boy and Girl Lemons complete with gift tag will inspire and cheer all.  Great gifts for birthdays, holidays or just to sweeten someone’s day.

They are sold separately for $8.00 each or you can buy the pair for $15.00.

 Girl Lemon





Boy Lemon





Both Girl and Boy Lemon

girl-lemon boy-lemon