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“Gayle Zinda is a professor of hope. Her message is a real gift to those impacted by cancer and touches hearts, minds and stirs souls. Whether it’s a group of cancer patients, survivors, medical professionals or family members, Gayle is the one speaker that can make an immediate difference in their attitude, outlook and future.”

Mark LeBlanc
Owner, Small Business Success and President, National Speakers Association

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!.That little adage surely was written for Gayle Zinda. As she share her adventures of turning lifes’ lemons into lemonade, you will be inspired to find purpose and meaning in your own life. “PINK LEMONADE” will make you laugh, cry, and move you forward with determination. Gayle Zinda has learned how to live life abundantly, and is one of the best guests we have ever had on Living The Life. Her book is a must read!”

Terry Meeuwsen and Louise DuArt
Co-hosts Living The Life CBN

“Zig Ziglar reminds me that “Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do things beautifully.” Gayle’s sense of duty coupled with her love and compassion make this book beautiful and a must read. Her story is relevant and inspiring and I know God has had a hand in its writing.”

Michael Norton
President, Ziglar, Inc.
Addison, TX

“Pink Lemonade and Gayle Zinda specificially have done more to help people on a daily basis than most ever do in a lifetime. A special book from an extraordinary person.”

Brian Kilmeade
Host of Fox News Channel’s FOX & Friends, and best-selling author of The Games Do Count

“Pink Lemonade is a special treasure. Every page shines with warmth, sacrifice and compassion. Gayle Zinda is a great teacher and a source of personal enlightenment. Gayle’s decision to share her story and personal struggles will ultimately enrich us all. On behalf of the Lung Cancer community, we are so grateful for Gayle’s message of hope. We will follow Gayle’s advice and make lemonade out of lemons every day.”

Laurie Fenton Ambrose
President and CEO
Lung Cancer Alliance


“I stayed up past midnight devouring Pink Lemonade. Gayle’s message will give you hope, and probably inspire you to Be Bold. Break ranks. And Love more.”

Laurie Beth Jones
Author of Jesus, CEO; The Path, Jesus in Blue Jeans and The Four Elements of Success

“Pink Lemonade by Gayle Zinda is a fresh and no nonsense approach to inspirational living. Cancer patients, survivors, family members and the medical community will all walk away with a refreshed spirit and new understanding of the life altering diagnosis of cancer when finished reading this book. I am a breast cancer survivor and reading this book brought tears to my eyes more than once, along with out loud laughter, and sighs of understanding. The simple statement “When life gives you lemons-Make lemonade!”takes on a new dimension when coupled with the reality of God’s promises. This book is a day in the life of a driven woman who was inspired to follow God in her daily walk by another remarkable woman. It illustrates how people affect each other’s lives in ways most don’t realize. Gayle has expressively written a book whose message will surely out live not only her but more than likely her grandchildren too! This is a must read in my estimation, for anyone who has been touched by the word “cancer.””

Tina Moore
Editor –

“This book is AWESOME! Reading [your story] is just like hearing your passion . . . for the 10,000 women that you helped directly! That doesn’t count the thousands of men and women whose lives you touched with your inspiration. [You inspire us] to do, and be, all that we can. . . . This book is on my giving list for the next year; I have already given away six copies since it was published! Every woman should read it, and every doctor . . . oh, and the men too!”

Terri Bonar-Stewart, Just the Basics

“A remarkable account of a remarkable woman’s journey!”

Rose Jonas, The Job Doctor


“Gayle, your book was terrific. It’s a great story of the human struggle. I really enjoyed it.”

Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP, President JATAJ, Center for Fulfillment and Prosperity

“I’ve been working on the book-trying to read it at night . . . [but it] does little to induce sleep! Nice work! You tell both your own story, and the stories of your patients, so well.”

Sally Anders, President, Wisconsin National Speakers


“ am so excited for you and this new chapter in your journey. We have even heard about it at our home in Mozambique. [Rita] was an incredible woman. I miss her like crazy. . . . When I read the quotes about her “knowing” that you were the one to carry on her dream . . . I so much hear my mom in those words.”

Steve Snider

________________________________________________________________________________________________“ found the honesty about [Gayle’s] struggles so touching, and her faith inspiring. Just when I thought she couldn’t withstand another challenge, something else would come along and she would meet that one, too. Her testimony was a boost to my spirits and brought perspective to my life, that God, family, and friends are so important, and that they can get you through anything.”Jean Marie Stockton
RN, Director of Clinical Staff, Hospice of the Valley

“Pink Lemonade took me from tears to laughter, and back to tears and laughter again. I was blessed by Gods grace and goodness as I read Gayle’s amazing “adventure” of making lemonade!”

Victoria Smith
Author, Executive Director, Meant To Be Ministries

“What an amazing story, and what genuineness in the way you shared it. I loved it!”

Judi Finneran
Team Women, National Chapter Consultant & Training Director

“Your book is fantastic. I am a 7 year breast cancer survivor. It has been quite a journey, but God has put so many wonderful poeple in my life, including Gayle and Michael Zinda! Best wishes to you and your family.”

Laura Zander

“When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was flooded with materials to read. I can honestly say this book, Pink Lemonade, was the only one I really read from cover to cover, and was so grateful that I did! The messages Gayle conveys about life and faith are food for thought for us all. Those that follow this type of calling make this world a better place. Thank you for what must have been a tough journey to live through and write about. You are making a huge difference!”

Veronica Gliatti

“I met Adam at York Beach in Virginia…He gave me your book. I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed it. I am going through my 5th chemo now.”

Wendy Federico

“You have really fulfilled Rita’s Dream of helping others through such difficult times in their lives. With God’s help you have written this wonderful book to inspire others and to recognize Rita in this tribute.”

Carole Sutton

“So, like a little kid at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to start reading [Gayle’s] book. I read the first Chapter yesterday…and well, today I was at NKU and I had a HUGE disappointment with my financial aid this fall…and I was so about ready to burst into tears thinking I have no way to go to school this fall…when out of nowhere I thought about how [Gayle] stepped out in faith after meeting Rita…and I thought if Gayle could step out in faith, then so can I…so I prayed, “Lord, you know every step I take before I take it and I know you have already gone before me and you are here now…please just take care of this situation for me because I can’t.” Within 15 minutes of saying this prayer, my financial aid counselor came back and said it was just a misunderstanding and that everything was reinstated…they had just misplaced the paperwork. Not that I believe in the power of [Gayle’s] book…but I DO BELIEVE in the power of God to use [her] book to remind me that HE WILL take care of me.”


“I am sure this is not your first fan letter, but I just had to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed “Pink Lemonade.”…Your story made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes (several times.) What a truly inspirational book!…This book should be in every physician’s office to share with their patients.”


“I loved it! Your story is truly inspiring and had me laughing, crying, booing, and cheering with you through all of the lemon and lemonade moments in your journey.”


“Your book is PHENOMINAL! Your spirit jumps out from every page! [Your tales] of pain, joy, and the ups and downs [of life] made me laugh, cry, and sit up in astonishment! I’m not sure if you will ever fully realize the impact that you have had, and continue to have, on so many lives. I have two thoughts in mind for anyone who will be reading your book: Make sure you allow plenty of time when you begin, because you will NOT want to put it down. BE READY, because you will NOT be able to look at life or LEMONS in the same way after reading the book. It will make you want to be a better person, no matter how good you may already be!!”

Cathy Schwer

“You have truly made lemonade [with the lemons in your life], and this book will touch so many. Pink Lemonade is a great book. I’ve spoken with others who have read it, and they said [that they] “couldn’t put it down!” It is stirring people’s faith, and giving them the insight to look for their own “broom closet” [chapel].”

Saundra Strunk

“My book club has chosen [Pink Lemonade] as our book for this month! I can’t tell you how much your book has helped me as a business person. This has been the toughest year of my life: opening a business, teaching deaf kids, and raising three [of my own]. Your experience has helped me put things into perspective. I pray that I can keep the business going, not for monetary reasons, but because it has brought so many wonderful people together. . . . ”

Kathy Nett

“What a story! My emotions have run the full gamut. I have read many books in my lifetime but never have I read one that touched me as PINK LEMONADE has. I watched as you built your business and I was so excited. I watched as you opened two more locations . . .
I saw you grow . . .
I felt you “personally” grow . . .
I felt the heartache when things weren’t going so well . . .
I felt the money crunch . . .
I felt the fear of losing everything . . .
I felt the need for help . . .
I felt the need for God’s guidance . . .
I felt the love and the compassion . . .
I lived the joy and felt the elation!
Then, to have it all come to an end the way it did, it broke my heart. All of the work, all of the love and caring. . . . Thank you so very much for the wonderful job that you have done [and] for the good news: that there are people out there who really do care. What a book!”

Janet Barras